We have a wide range of lighting repair and fabrication capability in our shop and supporting shops. We make every effort to find the necessary resources to provide the service you require, we do from time to time have problems finding some parts but will continue to keep you informed as maybe necessary!
Lighting Repair and Fabrication
Please e-mail us with a discription of repairs required with photos if possible! We will try to provide you with information as to what we can do!  [email protected]
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General Lamp Repair that we have to unpack and pack starts at $ 50.00 plus parts

General Fabrication that we have to unpack and/or pack starts at $ 45.00 plus parts
Lighting Repair and Fabrication from out of town
Lighting Repair and Fabrication at our shop in Jacksonville Florida
General lamp Repair in shop starts at $ 30.00 plus parts per socket
Cord switch replace/install starts a $ 15.00 plus parts

General Fabrication in shop starts at $ 65.00 plus parts

General Fixture (chandeliers and sconces) Repair in shop starts at $ 65.00 per socket plus parts

Custom fabricate lamp from you vase or item starts at $ 65.00 plus parts
(includes drilling 1 hole in reasonable material and thickness)
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